Hijack (2023)

Set within the confines of a real-time narrative, this gripping thriller unfolds aboard a hijacked plane bound for London on a seven-hour flight. With the clock ticking, ground authorities scramble to find solutions while the story centers on Sam Nelson, a talented negotiator from the business world. Tasked with an immense responsibility, Sam must employ his sharp wit and expertise to secure the lives of the passengers. However, his daring approach carries inherent risks, and the high-stakes tension mounts as he navigates a perilous path that could either lead to success or dangerous consequences. The fate of everyone aboard the plane hinges on his every move. Watch more HDtoday Thriller Movies online free streaming.

Hijack TV Series Online Free Streaming

Title: Hijack (2023)
Genres: 2023 TV Series | Drama, Thriller
Creator: Jim Field Smith, George Kay
Stars: Idris Elba, Neil Maskell, Max Beesley

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